Reliable and efficient air conditioning and heating requires the foundation of quality products. Sea Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. is proud to offer highly efficient solutions for our area customers.

Read the brief descriptions below to learn more, and click the links to view product details on units we recommend. For detailed information about how an HVAC system works, visit our heating and cooling information page. To learn more about us, please visit: heating contractor.



We carry high quality furnaces that provide energy efficient heating for our customers. Models with variable speed fan motors offer quieter operation, increased comfort,  and are also more efficient to run. Trust our line-up of Energy Star® products for reliable, efficient heating.


Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is the outside unit that compresses refrigerant and then sends the chilled refrigerant inside to the indoor coil. We feature air conditioners with high SEER ratings, two-stage compressors and environment friendly R-410A refrigerant for reliable and efficient air conditioning service.


Heat Pump

Heat pumps are all electric units that provide year-round heating and air conditioning. In the cooling season, a heat pump acts just like an air conditioner. In the heating season, a heat pump reverses the process and uses heat energy extracted from the air to provide heat for your home.


Packaged HVAC

A packaged unit provides air conditioning and heating out of a single footprint for home s where limited space does not allow for the normal split system design. A Packaged HVAC unit can come as cooling only, all electric heating and cooling, or gas and electric.


Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is critical in today’s tightly sealed, energy efficient homes. Toxins, bacteria, viruses, pet dander and moisture-depleted air can be recycled throughout your house. Install indoor air components, such as a ventilator, UV light, air cleaner and whole house humidifier to work together to purify, filter and protect your indoor air.


Ductless Air Conditioning

A ductless air conditioner is an unobtrusive way to bring air conditioning to a room or area of your home where air ducts do not exist. Ductless offers much better performance and sound reduction than a floor unit.


Thermostat and Advanced Controls

Whether you need programmable thermostats, a digital thermostat, or non-programmable thermostat; Sea Heating and Air Conditioning will help you find the right control for the HVAC configuration in your home. Many options exist in modern thermostats, such as color touch-screens that are easy to use and display family photos, seven-day programming, and even remote access. These are features that will make your indoor comfort control better than ever!


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