Does Your Furnace Need Repairs?

Does Your Furnace Need Repairs?

It is not always easy to tell when your heating system is malfunctioning. Differentiating between personal comfort, changing weather patterns, and an issue with your HVAC system can be difficult. Turn to the professionals at Sea Heating & Air Conditioning for guaranteed repairs and an expert inspection of your furnace in Northern California. We will get to the bottom of any problems, provide timely repairs, and help prevent further issues from arising.

4 Furnace Repair Signs to Look Out For

Take note of these key indicators that something is amiss with your furnace or heating system:

  1. Uneven Distribution: If certain rooms feel cold while others are sweltering, you may be facing a duct work issue that is impacting airflow. Whether you have a zone control system or a traditional furnace, Sea Heating & Air Conditioning can pinpoint the problem and provide heating repairs.
  2. Not Enough Heat: Call in the professionals to find out why your furnace is failing to keep you and your family warm. Whether your thermostat adjustments seem to have no effect or certain areas are remaining cold, our heating technicians will restore reliable and even heating in your home.
  3. Rising Utility Bills: If you have not drastically changed the settings of your HVAC system, but you seem to be paying more each month, consider having a furnace inspection completed to find out why.
  4. Cool Air Circulation: If the vents are pouring cold air into your space, there are many different potential causes. Go to your thermostat first to ensure it is not just an error with the settings. If that is not the problem, call for repairs to be completed so you can stay cozy with a fully functional furnace.

Determine the cause of your heating troubles for certain by contacting our team for heating services. Reach us for emergency services and furnace repairs in Sacramento, OR and surrounding areas. You can also schedule a HVAC appointment online or call us at 916-783-2256 today.