Affinity™ Series

Affinity™ Series split system air conditioning units offer higher energy efficiency than standard models — plus, an innovative QuietDrive™ Comfort System for very quiet operation.

Raise your comfort level with our premium split system cooling technology.

Advanced compressor design satisfies the degree of comfort you need.

QuietDrive™ Sound Reduction system includes swept wing fan, sound enclosure and composite base.

Get precise temperature control for ultimate comfort.

Save energy with a high-efficiency model.

High efficiency models up to 20 SEER provide more cooling for less money.

Use the Affinity™ Hx™ Touch-screen Thermostat for greater control, more even temperatures and energy savings.

Feel confident with built-in protections and certified safeties.

Count on internally protected compressor to withstand high temperatures and pressures.

Withstands weather with finish that is 33% more durable than conventional powder-paint finishes.

Improved alloy, MicroChannel Coil ensures reliability.

Industry-leading quality control and assembly processes are backed by the manufacturing expertise of Johnson Controls.

Count on internally protected compressor to withstand high temperatures and pressures.

Durable powder coat paint creates an automotive-quality finish that looks great for years.

YORK LX Series

LX Series split system air conditioners fit your needs with efficient models that reduce your utility bills. Coil options include an advanced MicroChannel coil for a smaller footprint, and a proven tube-in-fin coil with enhanced aluminum fins mechanically bonded to copper tubing.

Feel more comfortable with our compact split system air conditioner design.

Proven single-stage compressor satisfies the degree of comfort you need.

Small-footprint cabinets deliver maximum performance that is both space and budget friendly.

Minimal vibration noise thanks to advanced fan blade design.

Optimized efficiency for your climate zone.

Enjoy efficiency levels designed to provide optimum performance for Northern, Southeast and Southwest climates.

Get efficient heat transfer thanks to optimized coils for effective airflow and refrigerant circulation.